White Rings Fall on Day Six

03 February

Holy poop. I'm peeing a LOT. I'm sorry if that's 'tmi,' but it's definitely a thing occurring. And the blame is fully placed on my t-blocker hormone. And I'm starting to feel much more calm now as the end of my first full week on hormones comes to a close. My hands don't really shake any more (I still have an occasional twitch in a finger or two), but overall, I'm definitely more at ease with myself.

Maybe it's just a placebo effect of finally getting myself started on HRT, or maybe it's not. But I definitely feel better.

And for the subject of this blog post? I'm especially giddy about this aspect. Small, white rings have appeared around my nipples now, and they've gotten ever so slightly bigger the last couple of days. Is this the beginning of breast development? Oh, jeebus, I really hope so. :D The area isn't tender to the touch yet, so I'll see how things progress in the coming weeks. This is too exciting! LOLs

Anyhoo, just wanted to check-in. Be good!

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