The Birthday Girl *EOTWP*

21 February

I swear I can see changes. Small, minute changes, but they're there. Maybe you can't, and maybe it's just a psychological thing for me, but yeah.

So, during my shower this morning, I...uh, noticed that the tissue in my pectoral areas has gotten super soft and squishy. So, yeah... boobies! :D Right side seems to be doing its thing a bit better than the left, but I'm not gonna worry about that just yet. :P

Today is also my birthday! Not that I'm trying to draw attention to it, but it's my first birthday celebrated publicly as the real me. That's a fairly big deal! And like I've said on Twitter today, I'm sure there's some people on my old Facebook account that are becoming quite shocked today. :P Oh, well. It's inevitable. Haha. Also, a big BOOOOOOOO to Man United for losing their game on my birthday. Chumps. :/

I have enjoyed my week off from work immensely, too. I needed this badly. Especially after the previous week's events at work, I needed to get my mind off of things, and just be a geek and play video games. And I have. And it has been good.

As week four of HRT is in full swing, I can't help but be thankful for all that exists around me. People say the world has gotten terrible, but I call shenanigans. The media makes the world appear terrible because it only reports on terrible things. More and more people are waking up, and realizing all the good that exists, though. As a dear friend of mine told me, "People are (awful). Mainly because they know they're losing a culture war and they're babies about it."

Oh so very true. Be positive, and be wonderful and good to each other! And above all... LOVE.

See ya! :)

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