Let's Use a Dictionary!

05 February

Yay! My family knows how to use a dictionary, apparently. Good for them. I've known how to properly use one since...what? Oh, age five? Yup. Age five. And it became even more important to me as I pursued a journalism degree in college. Gotta know those words, people! :P

But seriously. STOP IT. You know who you are. STOP.

With every nonsensical piece of tripe you attempt to throw at this poor girl's heart and mind, you push me further and further away. So, please...stop. :'(

And yes, brother, you very much so can lock a loved one away in a room and take away their weakness - they're called rehabilitation centers. And they work well. But let's get one thing straight...

Gender dysphoria is not a mental illness. It is a psychological state-of-mind, created during development in the womb, and later brought out once a human being's critical thinking capabilities start encompassing their thought patterns - all concerning identity as male or female opposite to biological sex. There's nothing sick or ill about it. It involves a lot of emotional and mental strife and pain. And my family knows nothing about how this feels. Nor do they care to truly understand how and why it even occurs.

This not only makes me very sad for them, but all of the bigotry, hate, condemnation, and lack of acceptance makes me quite ashamed to be a part of this family. It's embarrassing, really. :(

But in better, more rewarding news... Tori and Leah let me come raid their closets for old clothes they no longer want. Yay! Got some really cute tops that I kept asking, "You're sure you don't want this??" LOLs. Love those two girls so much. Always there for me. 

Third laser hair removal session is coming up next week, too. Looking forward to that. SOOOOOOO ready for this mess on my face to be gone. I can't handle it. So gross. Ugh.

Might have a voice update to go along with the end-of-the-week progress shot. We'll see. Anyway, be good, everyone (especially my family, please). See ya!

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  1. I just got caught up on your writings. I wanted you to know that I was here :)

    You'll have to put up a fashion show with your new clothes.

  2. Haha, we'll see about that. I do know, however, that I desperately want to buy a full-standing mirror for my bedroom. My bathroom sink mirror just isn't cutting it anymore!