It's Just a Name Tag *EOTWP*

27 February

Month two is in full force now. Picked up my prescription refills earlier, too. Excited to keep things moving, and I'm especially thrilled about going back to Little Rock next month on the 25th for my progress check-up with my doctor.

Noticing distinct changes to my face now. As I've told several close friends of mine already, my upper cheekbone areas have gained a bit of accretion to them - which, in turn, is making my lower jawline look super skinny (and almost sickly looking). Yikes. The crazy thing is since starting HRT over a month ago, I've gained some weight back from eating more since my appetite has come back to me. Hopefully the rest of my face, including my jawline, will fill in and round off in the end. (It should.)

Hey, family. Yes, you...blood relatives. YOU. If you want to talk to me about things, please do feel free to contact me via phone or text. Sheesh, you can even email me; that's fine as well. I love emails! But for crying out loud, quit beating around the bush trying to find out how I'm doing - JUST TALK TO ME DIRECTLY. o_O

I feel good...great, even. I just love this entire feeling of everything syncing up. Soooooo nice.

Be good, er'body! See ya! ;)

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