I'm a Nice Person, Right? *EOTWP*

14 February

Oh my goodness...things are syncing up a great deal now in a psychological manner. I feel physically girly now - though, all the parts aren't even developed or put in place yet. Still a long, long road to travel until that becomes reality. I'm patient. I think I'm patient anyway. :P

A few days into week three of hormones now, too. Everything feels good. I'm a lot more calm, and anxiety is almost nonexistent now. Though, I am a bit more temperamental as of late...only when someone does me wrong, of course. :)

Work is crazy. Not from everyday stress of doing daily tasks, but from other things. I'll get through it, though. I'm too good of a person to be brought down! However, I'm on vacation now, you hoochies! YAY! :D Aaaaaaaaand, a fairly strong snowstorm is supposed to start late Sunday night - so, THIS GIRL is gonna finally get to have some snow cream for once. It's been a while! :D

My birthday is next Saturday as well. Not sure how I really feel about going another year further into my 30s. I definitely still do not feel like I'm at least 30 years of age. I feel... hmm... I feel like I'm still 25. Yeah, 25's a good age. That's me. :)

Until next time, lovelies. Be good!

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