I'm a Ma'am, Not a Sir. Thank You Very Much. *EOTWP*

06 February

Did you know? ... If you're going to point a finger at someone for messy or dirty wrongdoings, then you better make sure your own hands are clean first. >:/

I. Feel. The. Mood. Swings. Now. Holy poop. *heavy breathing* This morning was interesting at work. Dex, my cohort in crime at work, got to see first hand today how my temperament can change on a dime. I started out fairly somber. 20 minutes later I became content. Then about an hour later, I was super happy about everything. That lasted a while, and then a state of lethargy kicked in. I got super tired and weak today. Most of the night closing at work was spent very slightly agitated (probably because of a certain customer and her annoying, brat child), but right as we got off work my happiness came back again.

Also came out to another coworker of mine right before leaving tonight, and before giving me a big hug after telling her I was transgender, I had shown her my photo. "Whaaat... you have a twin?" LOLs. Made me smile from ear to ear. Love it.

As far as physical effects thus far after nine days on hormones? My chest is a tiny bit slightly tingly. I've been feeling hungrier the last couple of days, too. That's about it so far. I know slow and steady wins the race is the goofy quote, but I'm very excited about facial changes starting and my muscle definition to finally melt away. Not that I have muscle definition to begin with - me with my little arms - but there is tone there. I want it gone. GET OUT. :P

Until next time, lovelies! See ya! <3

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