Day One...

29 January

Driving to Little Rock yesterday, I was a bit frazzled. I'm not going to lie. Not because I was doubting why or what I'm doing to bring happiness into the fold for myself, but because of outside fears related to transitioning. I'll be honest, I'm scared to death of my outside world changing all around me (thus All Around Sarail), and I'm fearful that my overly religious family is never going to come around and be sensible about things.

But this must be done. Too long have I lived behind a mask. I can't do it any more.

I love Little Rock, by the way. I could definitely see living there, as I adore bigger cities anyway. But I just don't like the weather here in the South. It torments me (and it's terrible on hair). LOLs. I see myself, after fully transitioning, calling the northwest corner of the U.S. my home. I'd absolutely love to live in or around Seattle. I do love those Mariners, after all. ;)

So, yup. Day one of hormones. Things are moving now. One of my meds can cause dizziness/light-headedness and cause me, to be blunt, to pee a lot more than usual. And I've already noticed that this morning. I haven't experienced any dizziness yet, but my arms did feel super heavy earlier today. That feeling went away after a couple of hours, so all is good now.

I asked my doctor about the hair loss/thinning I've been experiencing since age 26, and she mentioned that my "t-blocker" hormone will aid in restoring that. I'll go back in for a check-up in another two months to check estrogen/testosterone levels, and depending on how hair is growing up there, she'll put me on a hair growth drug - probably finasteride, if I had to guess. We shall see! (Side note: I'm not balding or have bald spots... you can just clearly tell my hair is thinning...yuck.)

I'm excited about my future! Be good, you guys! :D

Oh, and expect an end of the week profile/photo post tomorrow!

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