Change Is a Good Thing!

11 January

Big, BIG weekend for this girl occurred this past week. My friends, Leah and Tori, invited me over for a day long event of movies and food - but the catch is that they really wanted me to come over as my true self. There would be two others there, too - both accepting and supportive of who I am. But I hesitated at first because I'm still not too comfortable with my voice. Not that I can't sound's that I lose confidence in speaking boldly and clearly enough as a woman when in public. At my apartment, in my own privacy?? Oh, sure. Super simple.

But anyway, I went as the real me. :)

And I'm really glad I did. What little speaking I did helped quite a bit. So, I'll take it when I can get it, I suppose. The day was spent watching lots of movies and playing trivia video games (Fibbage is crazy fun!) Thanks to my girlies, Leah and Tori, for such a fun day. I needed that.

But I also realized that morning when doing my makeup... that I'm really terrible at applying eyeliner. I have deeply inset eyes (dark eyeshadows are a no-go for this girl), and I recently decided to give a liquid eyeliner a shot. I've always used a pencil liner, but it never allows me to get really thin, precise lines the way I would like. Well, the struggle truly is real for me when using a liquid eyeliner. Because my eyes are set the way they are, I have SO much skin on my eyelids. This makes it incredibly difficult to make a smooth, thin line. And I just want to cry when I can't get it right. :/ Anyway, tips?? I would like them, please.

Also, HRT is in the process of getting started. Made my calls last week to set up an appointment, but was told they'd call me back once my info was approved. So close now! Getting a little antsy, though!

Anyway, be good! :)

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  1. I was wondering about your voice, glad you addressed it a bit here. That should change once the HRT takes hold, right?

    Looking forward to reading about your journey :)


  2. Unfortunately, no. Unlike female to male transgenders, hormones do nothing for male to female. I have to earn my feminine voice through therapy exercises. It's a chore, but I can do it. My voice has already raised considerably in pitch in the last two months.