Before the tides roll in...

20 December

Hello! My name is Anna. And I have a story to tell.You see, I'm transgender. Born physically male, but subconsciously, mentally, and emotionally female, I've lived quite the peculiar and perplexing life. I have too many stories to tell about my upbringing, and as the future unfolds for me in the coming years, I'm sure I'll talk about a few of them.

As you can tell from any of my walks in social media, I'm a fairly bouncing-off-the-walls, exuberant girl. I get excited about the smallest of things, and I give my very best in complimenting people and trying to bring a positive nature out in almost all that I do. "Be good!," as I always say. :)

I'm 32 years of age. And 13 years ago, I started researching and learning about why I felt the way I feel inside. I always struggled with this during my adolescent and teenage years, and it was after high school that I almost...almost...came out to my family. There was difficulty going on within my family based around other situations at the time, and I forsook my own happiness to allow my own family to continue getting better. Yes, that was a terrible route to take in life, and I fully regret it to this day. Testosterone has done a small bit of damage to my body, but I'm ready to overcome every obstacle that comes my way.

The photos above are of me pre-HRT (hormone replacement therapy). I'm getting ready to start HRT next month, too. Very excited about that. I'm ready to finally become the girl I know I've always been on the inside. A difficult road for sure, but with all of the rejection, the positive vibes, the crying, the laughter, and everything else in between, I'll be all that much more empowered to succeed. I already have an incredible group of immensely supportive friends that want to see me achieve that. Family is still not taking it well, but they'll come around. They have to...if they actually do love me, after all.

So, yup. My plan for this blog, once I start HRT, is to post a selfie sitting in the same position/location at the end of each week. Hopefully this will showcase my journey into becoming the real me step-by-step as the effects of hormones transform and work their magic.

With that said, and until next time, be good! (See ya, space cowboy.)

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