First time out...

28 December


So, I got a bit brave Friday afternoon and evening, and decided that I'd take my first steps into public as a woman. Exhilarating, crazy, anxious, nervous, scared, and other words synonymous with these are perfectly descriptive of all that I felt that day. But do you know what?

It felt ... normal.

Granted, I was trembling, and my hands were sweaty from being hella nervous. But after a while, that subsided. And then things just ... yup, felt normal. My walk got a lot stronger, my hips started swaying a bit more (I'm sure), and my head was held a bit higher. Overall, a good first, non-speaking foray into the wild.

Also, in putting my best foot forward (quite literally!), I realized that I have no female accessories whatsoever. No purse or bag, no wallet ... nothing. This is an outrage! Haha. Well, I can officially say that, now, I have some really cute stuff heading my way. Very happy about that.

As each day inches ever so closer to starting HRT, my tension keeps elevating. As I mentioned in the previous post, I'm beyond ready to start. The middle of January needs to hurry up and get here!

Anyway, be good, everyone! See ya! <3

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